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Famous wedding dresses online

Famous wedding dresses always serve as inspiration for women who are with a head full of doubts and those who admire the style of these female icons, symbols of beauty, refinement and luxury. So, I brought some tips and descriptions of wedding dresses made famous in his time. There are several dresses that go down in history and were in the memory of many people worldwide. Each one represents a time in history, a woman, a love story and bridal fashion today continues to inspire these designer wedding dresses for their collections.

The styles are diverse, fabrics and details that were marked by long and eternal. The wedding of Princess Grace Kelly, Priscilla with singer Elvis Presley, actors Audrey Hepburn and Mel Ferrer, the actress Elizabeth Taylor, Bianca Jagger with singer, Lady Di and Prince Charles and Marilyn Monroe with playwright Arthur Miller.

Many famous wedding dresses can still be remembered, not just the white dress, many famous chose to use tissue from other colors in your wedding ceremony. Other marriages still too recent epoch were, for example, President Barack Obama with first lady Michelle. Actress Nicole Kidman with singer Keith Urban, actors Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas, singer Pink with motocross racer Carey Heart and even the singer Christina Aguilera.

Any wedding dress can serve as inspiration when choosing your dress stores online bridal fashion. The inspirations are endless and at first you should follow your style. Since you’re looking for inspiration from celebrities of all see the dress and choose what suits you. To the hairdo and makeup, you can also inspired by the style of a celebrity or fashion icon on your staff. Following these tips will surely stunning on your wedding day.